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Concord, NC | Cabarrus County


February 4, 2011

I graduated in 2007 and have a little sister who's graduating in 2012. The school was great when I was there and it is still great for my younger sibling. The principal is awesome, the majority of the teaching staff is awesome, but there isn't nearly enough parent involvement. There are quite a few kids going to the school that clearly need more guidance from their parents. From what my little sister is telling me, things are improving from when I was enrolled. Overall, great school.

November 11, 2010

I'm a graduate of the 2009 school year, and am currently attending The University of North Carolina at Charlotte majoring in Architecture. I'll give the school facts for my graduating year. The band program, which was mentioned in previous posts has dropped in membership to 50-70 members a year, however it's regaining momentum. Also as previously mentioned, the school spirit, though still very commendable, has dropped slightly. This is the fault of the kids, rather than the teachers. The principal is top notch, and is extremely proficient in her job. The school isn't desperately underfunded, but the opening and continued opening of new schools in the area has leeched a significant amount of money from the school, but that's a county issue that should be addressed as such. For the most part, the teaching staff is incredible. A high percentage of them are Concord Graduates themselves, so they have a lot of emotion invested in the school, thus driving them to do better jobs. The key issue weighing down the school at the moment is the parent involvement in their children's school careers. There is too little parent engagement. Stay involved with our children!

Submitted by a student

May 6, 2008

I'm an alumni and I feel as if I had an advantage in graduating from CHS going into a college. The school spirit is amazing and the teachers are caring.

September 28, 2004

My child has learning disabilities and ADD. She has had a very hard time in school. The principal at Concord High is a wonderful and understanding person. I am pleased with all of the staff. My girl will graduate this year, thanks to the staff at Concord. I would recommend this school to any newcomer in our town. The curriculum, staff and activities are excellent. I have only good things about Concord High School.

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August 27, 2004

I had one son graduate from Concord and have another that will graduate in 2006 and I could not be more pleased with this school. The band program is absolutely unbelievable. Approximately 30% of the student body is in the band. That speaks volumes! The teacher involvement is strong and problems are handled swiftly and well. I do wish that the school received more funding as opposed to new schools being built in the area getting all the money. I look forward to my daughter attending Concord H.S., as well!

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May 28, 2004

I've had one child go through this High School and graduate with high honors, and I have another here now that is excelling. I find the staff to be very helpful and supportive of the students and parents. The band program is one of the very best in the state, and both of my children have thoroughly enjoyed participating in it. A lot of kids are active in the band, and most of these children are the ones with the highest GPA's. Most of these kids also participate in other activities - they are very highly motivated and active. I'm very pleased with Concord High School.

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